Corporate Profile
A Message from the President

Contributing to Building a Recycling-Oriented Society

JFE Plastic Resource Corporation succeeded to the "container and packaging plastics recycling business" of JFE Kankyo Corporation following the separation of those operations in July 2009. Since then, we have worked to build a recycling-oriented society through our plastic recycling businesses, including use of plastics in blast furnaces and coke ovens and material recycling.

We have realized "Promotion of waste plastic recycling and CO2 reduction" by material recycling utilizing NF Board®, and "Reduction of fossil fuels," etc. by further recycling of used NF Board® products. As an environment-friendly company, we put great effort into increasing the "visibility of recycling" among the general public and promoting various types of recycling.

Since environmental preservation is the basis of our business, our aim is to be a top-level environment-conscious company by continuously developing environmental management activities with the participation of all employees in order to absolutely minimize environmental loads accompanying our own business activities.

As a company that realizes rewarding work by empowering the production site, we intend to strive to create a company with "originality, a spirit of challenge and creativity" based on the unity of all employees in a common consensus.

In closing, I would like to request the further support and patronage of all our customers and friends.

Nozomu Tamura
President and Representative Director